Why Choose Us for Garage Floor Epoxy?

Other Painters

Their Process

  • They only acid wash or lightly “grind” the concrete for prep.
  • They use only 50% - 75% solids epoxy.
  • They skimp on color flakes which creates an uneven partial flake floor.
  • They use clear urethane or epoxy coatings for the topcoat that WILL yellow over time.
  • They offer very limited warranties and service after the project is completed.

Spray ’n Coat

Our Process

  • We fully grind surface of concrete to remove weak surface of concrete.
  • We use 100% solids Pure Polyurea.
  • We 100% broadcast color flakes on floor for an even consistent look.
  • We use non-yellowing UV stable Polyaspartic Polyurea topcoat.
  • We offer a 15 year materials and workmanship guarantee.

Garage Floor Epoxy