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Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete floors are often left unprotected and over time begin to deteriorate, stain, and look plain old drab! So why not protect your concrete AND make it pop with a beautiful and durable long lasting concrete coating from Spray ‘n Coat Painting?

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Residential Concrete Coatings

Where can concrete coatings be applied:

Garage Floor Coatings

Our quality garage floor coating solutions will transform the look and feel of your garage!

Concrete Patio Coatings

Our different colors options will protect & beautify your patio concrete.

Basement Floor Coatings

We have a variety of different concrete coatings that offer a unique alternative to tile, carpet, or LVP on any concrete floor in your home.

2nd Story Deck Coatings

We can coat your 2nd story deck with waterproof coating materials to improve it's life and efficiency.

Indoor Concrete Gym Floors

Great for basketball, pickleball, volleyball and more.

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Commercial Concrete Coatings

Where can our coatings be applied:

  • Auto & mechanic shops
  • Medical & veterinary floors
  • Bathrooms and locker rooms
  • Commercial & Industrial kitchen floors
  • Waterproof deck coatings for apartments
  • Salons, Retail floors and more!


Types of Concrete Coatings

  • Multi-layered chip floors | Our most popular floor - It is both beautiful & practical!
  • Marbled epoxy floor | A unique and modern solid surface floor.
  • Solid commercial grade floor | A durable and cost effective commercial grade concrete floor.
  • Multi-layered quartz floors | Extreme durability and a variety of color options
  • Waterproof deck coatings | A flexible and durable coating designed to give years of waterproof deck protection!

Why would I want a Spray ‘n Coat concrete floor coating in my home?

  • Our professional grade floor coatings will make your garage, patio, or basement floor look amazing and much more finished than before!
  • They make your garage or patio floor much less slippery when wet.
  • They make wiping up oil spills and dirt and grime from your car a breeze!
  • Having a professional garage floor coating really does make your garage feel like part of your home instead of an unfinished storage room.
  • Patio coatings protect the concrete and add style and color to the home.
  • Basement concrete coating are waterproof and extremely durable

The Spray 'n Coat Story

When we started Spray ‘n Coat Painting in 2009 we learned the process of installing basic epoxy floors in garages. This included a quick cleaning of the floor and acid etching to prepare the concrete for the first coat of epoxy. On the second day we would apply a second coat of epoxy and add a few decorative flakes.

Customers always seemed to love the freshly coated garage floor but we discovered this was a short term solution for the garage floor and this type of garage floor coating really didn’t last very long. In some cases the hot tires from cars pulling into the garage would peel up the epoxy coating and the other problem was the epoxy became stained from the tires and turned yellow from the UV exposure of the sun.

While basic epoxy floors are easy and inexpensive to install, we decided we wanted to be able to offer a much better garage floor coating solution that would last and look beautiful long term! We spent several years researching better concrete floor coatings and learned about all the different concrete coatings including commercial epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic concrete coatings.

Now years later we are able to offer an incredible garage floor coating that bonds so well to the concrete we offer a limited lifetime warranty on it!

Our Concrete Floor Coating Process

  • We fully grind the concrete to insure our primer coat penetrates deep into the concrete and guarantees an incredible bond.
  • We fix cracks and divots in the concrete and in some cases we can fill the concrete saw joints and give our customers a monolithic or seamless concrete floor.
  • Our primer coat is mixed and poured on to the concrete floor, spread with a squeegee and back rolled to achieve an even 8 - 10 mil basecoat or binder for the decorative chips.
  • Next we broadcast (meaning toss into the air!) about 50 lbs of decorative chips per 225 square feet of floor surface area. We use a top of the line chip that comes in all different sizes, colors and even special effects like mica, glitter, texture and quartz.
  • Once the base coat is dry we sweep up the extra flake and scrape and vacuum the floor smooth. This provides a beautiful color and even texture to the floor.
  • Then as a final step, we apply a final 10 - 12 mil coat of an incredible UV stable and chemical resistant clear polyaspartic top coat.
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What to Expect

  • To get ready for your project we ask that you remove everything on the floor of the garage prior to the morning we start your project.
  • Depending on the size and complexity of your project it should take between 1 and 2 days for the installation from start to finish.
  • Then depending on the temperature inside the garage you are able to move your things back into the garage within 24 - 48 hours. Typically 24 hours in the summer and 48 hours in the winter. We recommend waiting 2 - 3 days before parking your car back in the garage just to be safe.
  • Now please keep in mind that this amazing new garage floor coating is likely to make your friends and neighbors extremely jealous. So be careful who you let see inside your garage.
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Concrete Floor Coating Options to Consider

  • We have popular colors that we stock or you can order custom chips that come in all different colors and sizes from 1/16” - 1” in size and even a blend of different sizes.
  • For added slip resistance we can add anti-slip silica sand to the finish.
  • We can coat your garage floor as well as your patio or basement floor. Really just about any concrete surface.
  • We can fill saw joints in your garage floor to give you a seamless floor. Ask us more about when we recommend this option. 
  • We can paint the walls and ceilings of your garage as a part of the project. When done as a package you can save money on the project!
  • We have a local company that installs beautiful custom garage cabinets that we can recommend to you and of course coordinate the project for you.
  • If you are not sure where to put everything from your garage during the project we can have storage containers delivered to your home prior to the project. The great thing is you can have them for up to 30 days and so this gives you plenty of time to reorganize your garage.

How does our garage floor coating compare to other options and what is the cost?

DIY epoxy kits can be purchased at your local big box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot for about $250 per bay in your garage.

  • a. They offer an inexpensive epoxy floor option that you can install yourself.
  • b. These kits take about 3 days to install and need up to a week to cure.
  • c. Expect it to last 1 - 3 years before it starts to peel, look dingy or turn yellow. Even the associate in the paint department will warn you of this as they get a lot of complaints.

Epoxy kits sold at local paint stores do offer a significant performance increase from the DIY kits and the material cost for these epoxy kits ranges from $70 - $120 per gallon.

  • a. The material cost for this level of epoxy ends up around $300 - $500 per bay in your garage. A 2 car garage would cost roughly $600 - $1,000 for just the materials.
  • b. Depending on the prep these floors can look nice for 5 - 10 years.
  • c. Without professional installation they may not look very nice. There is a pretty high learning curve to installing professional epoxy floors.
  • d. These coatings do tend to yellow over time and without the full chip broadcast, they are slippery when wet and tend to show tire marks and dirt easily.

Professional garage floor coatings like what we use are more expensive but look so much better and last much longer!

  • a.
    The cost including installation averages the following depending on size, concrete condition, options, colors etc.
    • 2 car garage | $2,000 - $3,500
    • 3 car garage | $3,000 - $4,500
    • 4 car garage | $4,000 - $5,500
  • b. However we recommend having us come out for a free estimate so that we can give you all the options and an accurate estimate as we offer special discounts and the cost may be more or less than average depending on the details of your project.