Ulrich Kitchen Remodel

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The Ulrich Kitchen Remodel

Project Type:
Kitchen Cabient Painting
Paint Colors:
Upper Cabinets – Beach House, SW7518
Lower Cabinets – Meadowlark, SW7522

We had been thinking about a kitchen update for some time. When our mom passed away last year, she left us a small amount of money and we thought a kitchen upgrade would be something that honored her memory and make her smile. Initially we debated on whether we should do a full kitchen remodel or simply paint the existing cabinets and configuration and simply get new countertops and a fresh coat of paint. We finally opted to go for the remodel and make the central point of the kitchen a large granite topped island with a stone that ‘felt’ like mom.

We designed the kitchen and began to do the demo. It was a fairly large task requiring rerouted power, water lines, and drains. After investigating the cost of new cabinets, we talked with Spray ‘n Coat about he possibility of re-configuring our current cabinets and then having them painted. What a great choice!

We salvaged as many of our old cabinets as possible, added a few more with a similar style, built a unique curved island and found the perfect slab of granite that reminded us of mom’s spunk and personality. After the granite was installed, Spray ‘n Coat prepped and painted the cabinets, walls, island, trim, ceiling, and doors. They were fast, efficient, but most importantly detail and quality oriented. It turned out so AWESOME!

We absolutely LOVE our new kitchen and were able to do the remodel at a fraction of the cost that new cabinets would have required. Thank you Spray ‘n Coat for helping make our kitchen do-over spectacular. We love it!

Mike and Roxanne Ulrich