Why Choose Us for Wood Staining?

Other Painters

Their Process

  • They don’t communicate well that stains can be very tricky to pick when it comes to colors and how they look different on different surfaces.
  • They use only high pressure washing to prep wood siding which can damage the cedar, fir, or redwood surface.
  • They don’t mask the surrounding well and so stain ends up on walkways, windows, and landscaping.
  • They often have little experience with the various products on the market.

Spray ’n Coat

Our Process

  • We offer free stain color consulting and testing to help home owner find the right color.
  • We use a 2 step wood stain remover and wood brightener that doesn’t damage the wood and more effectively preps the wood surface on exterior siding.
  • We carefully mask around our work to protect your home, landscaping, and valuables.
  • We offer expert advice on the different stains and clear coats on the market and which one will suit you best.

Wood Staining